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EF Class helps you create lifelong learners by taking on your admin, giving you control of the classroom, and allowing you to focus on teaching.

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Unlock the power of formative assessment.

EF Class combines the best of learning in a traditional classroom setting with digital learning, with the goal of engaging every single student in each classroom.


300+ hours of ready-to-use lessons featuring thousands of activities. We have specific courses which align to the Swedish national curriculum for English 5, 6, and 7, as well as international courses aligned to CEFR levels, all supported by additional grammar and pronunciation modules.


Lessons are built around compelling topics with tasks anchored in the real world and student interests. There’s also a new lesson added every week, covering the latest news and events, or exploring novel ideas for the classroom. Try doing that with a book!

Flexible and Adaptive

Allows teachers to be responsive to students’ needs, tailoring your lesson in real-time to different learning needs and giving instant feedback.

Devoted to quality

EF Class’ content and features are continuously improved, based on data, classroom observation, and feedback from students and teachers.

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Relevant & authentic content.

Engaging students with interesting materials and creative activities.


Authentic English language, featuring content from the BBC, CBS, Guardian, and popular books.

Focused on learning

Lessons start with clear learning goals and success criteria, and end with exit tickets to help students reflect on their learning.


Wide range of activity types to challenge students on various cognitive aspects, promote student agency, and support students’ peer work.


Purposefully designed to encourage creative thinking.

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Why is EF Class free?

Put simply: EF Class is free for teachers and students because the more people that use it the better it becomes, for everyone.

At some point in the future (2019, at the earliest) we will be introducing paid-for features as part of a premium package for which we intend to charge around €15 per student. This will not impact the free version of EF Class.

“Everything I need! The tool is flexible and very user-friendly, and the content is current and up-to-date, which makes it very easy to incorporate other school subjects with English studies. I am also free to create lessons and exercises that my students work with in many different ways; during class, after class or as preparation for examinations, etc. All in all, EF class is an exciting new tool which makes it easy for me to create interesting lessons and tasks while working with English!”

“EF Class is a new and unique way of learning. It engages the students more because you don’t have to sit with a bunch of books and papers; everything’s collected online.“

An EF Class student

Tumba Gymnasium, Botkyrka, Sweden

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We understand that not every classroom uses the same set of devices, so EF Class is available for both iPad and as a web app for PC and Mac.

Using iPads in your classroom?

Download our native iOS app from the Apple App Store by selecting the button below, and then sign up or sign in.

Note: We support devices running iOS 9.0 or newer. You can find out which version of iOS your device is running here

Using a desktop device in your classroom?

Download the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari, and then sign in or create an account.

Note: We currently only support devices with minimum screen sizes of 1024 x 768px, running Safari or Google Chrome.

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