Want to be inspired by a Nobel Laureate?

We are inviting six lucky winners to join us at the Nobel Teacher Summit 5-6 Oct 2017! You will be inspired by Nobel Laureates and other prominent international figures who have been recognized for promoting positive change in the world. All you need to do for a chance of winning is to teach with EF Class, and tell a colleague about it.

This competition closes 5th September 2017.

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About the Nobel Teacher Summit.

The Nobel Teacher Summit 2017 is the first international event to be held by the Nobel Education Network, a global grouping for teachers and school leaders, and the core of the Nobel Centre's schools initiative. The initiative builds on the ability of the Nobel Prize to inspire people to seek out knowledge, to ask questions, and to attempt to understand and improve the world.

You will be inspired by Nobel Laureates and other prominent international figures who have been recognised for promoting positive change in the world. Join them and hundreds of other distinguished colleagues to discuss the role of science in schools, teacher development, and the unifying force of humanism.

5-6 October 2017 in Stockholm

At the Nobel Teacher Summit 2017 you will meet:

  • Bernard Feringa

    Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2016

  • Shirin Ebadi

    Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2003

  • Herta Müller

    Nobel Laureate in Literature 2009

  • Johan Rockström

    Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Professor of Environmental Science at Stockholm University

  • Ola Rosling

    Co-founder of the Gapminder Foundation

  • Anna Ekström

    Swedish Minister for Upper Secondary School and Adult Education and Training

  • Lars Heikensten

    Doctor of Economics and Executive Director Nobel Foundation

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Here's how it works.

Entering is straightforward. Try teaching with EF Class and if you like it, why not recommend it to other teachers who don’t already use it? If they sign up you will be entered into the competition. Just follow a few easy steps:

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Tell us about yourself.

Click ‘Enter now’, complete the entry form, and tell us three things which come to mind when you think about EF Class.

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Teach with EF Class.

On day one of your trip, we will be hosting EF Class workshops at our Stockholm office. We would love attendees to be familiar teaching with EF Class, so why not try teaching some lessons with it, as well as entering the competition?

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Get your colleagues to sign up.

Get sharing! When you complete the entry form you’ll get a unique recommendation link to give to your colleagues. If they use it to sign up, you’ll be in with a chance to win.

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Pack your bags.

You’ll be hanging out with stars, so make sure you bring something smart to wear!

What you'll win.

We truly value our EF Class teachers so we want to make sure your trip to Stockholm is not only educational - but also fun and relaxed.

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Transport to Stockholm.

We’ll provide return transportation to Stockholm so you can attend without any hassle, no matter where in Europe you’re based.

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Hotel accommodation.

We’ll make sure you have a comfortable stay at a great hotel when you’re in Stockholm.

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Access to EF Class workshops.

On the day before the summit, you’ll be invited to visit our Stockholm office to take part in some formative assessment workshops.

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Nobel Teacher Summit tickets.

We’ll provide you with one entry ticket to the summit. We have six tickets to give away, so you’ll be attending with five other like-minded EF Class teachers.

Enter the competition.

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All the things you need to know.

Below is a breakdown of the competition prize, timings and entry terms and conditions.

  • 5th September 2017

    Competition closes.

  • 7th September 2017

    Winners notified by email. All participants will be notified via the EF Class Facebook page

  • 15th September 2017

    Flights and hotel accommodation confirmed

  • 5th October 2017

    Check-in at the hotel in Stockholm

    Workshops and seminars at EF in Stockholm

  • 6th October 2017

    Nobel Teacher Summit

    Check-out and transportation home

Who can enter?

Entry is free, and open to English teachers in Europe who complete the entry form on our website.


A free inspirational trip to meet with Nobel Laureates - who can say no?

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