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Jump-start the new term in the fall with these ready-to-use lesson plans. Whether you will be teaching a new group of students, or a class you know very well, these lessons are there to get you off to a great start!

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These lessons help students understand the English-speaking world and the issues facing young people today. They also cover key grammar and vocabulary. Topics include teenage issues like bullying and body image, and the legacy of Britain’s Empire across the world.


This package is an introduction to studying English with EF Class. Students and teachers can get to know each other and think about their own approaches to language learning, before exploring some of the diversity in the English-speaking world.

Upper Intermediate

These lessons develop students’ ability to understand and describe modern society, cope with its pressures, and be comfortable being themselves whilst surrounded by diversity. Topics include people living unconventional lifestyles, and ways to relax in stressful situations.


These lessons explore media influence and ethical issues in depth over several class periods. Topics include how the online world affects our real life well-being, the tactics used by politicians to manipulate media narratives, and the place of morality in society.

Starter Pack 1 - Approaches to learning English

This package is an introduction to studying with EF Class, and helps students and teachers get to know each other and think about their own approaches to learning, before exploring the diversity of the societies which make up the English-speaking world.

Starter Pack 2 - Culture in the English-speaking world

This culture package looks at the evolution of different forms of creative expression in the English-speaking world, and the influence that the arts have on society. Students will watch and read some defining works in the English language, and learn to express their own tastes and preferences in music, film, and literature.

Starter Pack 3 - The global economy

This package covers the modern economy and workplace, and allows students to explore the different types of work that people do. It gives them the opportunity to think about and discuss the ways in which they might be able to make a contribution to an increasingly globalized world economy.

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