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Grade 9

These lessons help students understand the English-speaking world and the issues facing young people today. They also cover key grammar and vocabulary. Topics include teenage issues like bullying and body image, and the legacy of Britain’s Empire across the world.

ENA1 The English language and the world

The course reviews the basics of grammar and vocabulary studied in basic education. Vocabulary and structures are reinforced, according to students' needs. The topics are related to everyday life and relationships and the language used is colloquial and informal. Written assignments are also informal. Discussion, expressing opinions and key strategies of oral communication are focused on.

ENA2 People and their networks

Communication is further reinforced on this course and the command of structures is expanded. The topics are related to leisure time, interests and the services used in connection with these. The awareness of English culture is reinforced. The command of oral communication strategies is enhanced, and writing is also practiced by means of communicative assignments.

ENA3 Cultural phenomena

The course deals with culture in a broad sense. Students research cultural topics of their own choice, write projects on them and present their research. Example topics of research are: literature, music, visual art, movies, theatre and dance. The course may be assessed as a portfolio.

ENA4 Society and surrounding world

The course places emphasis on speaking and reading comprehension at a relatively demanding level. Texts are related to Finnish society and those of target countries. Texts are longer, which calls for practicing various strategies for reading comprehension. Written expression is practiced by writing texts suitable for different purposes.

ENA5 Science and our future

The course places emphasis on demanding language use. The topics include different branches of science, technological achievements, economy and different forms of communication. Students continue to practice reading comprehension strategies and polish their written expression by writing texts suitable for specific purposes.

ENA6 Studies and working life

The themes of the course are related to studies and working life. Due to these topics, texts are more formal than before. Both oral and written assignments are related to the above themes; students write a job application and a CV, for example.

ENA7 Green living

The course provides students with capabilities to understand and use language relating to nature, the natural sciences and the theme of sustainable development. When handling the texts, different approaches and methods are used, and environmental phenomena are discussed from a global perspective. Basic grammar is reviewed and test types used in the matriculation exam are practiced.

ENA8 Oral Course

On this course we use diverse work methods, with which the students' linguistic competence is trained. The student is guided to pay attention to the differences between their first language and the language they are studying. Studying is done primarily in pairs and in small groups. Fluency and communication methods are trained with discussion and small oral presentations. About 2/3 of the course consists of oral exercises and about 1/3 about the oral course exam. The number of students on the course is limited to a maximum of 20 students (the duration of the oral exam is ca. 30 min/ student pair).

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